'Rolls-Royce Wraith' global launch film soundtrack

Client: Partners Andrew Aldridge / Engine / Rolls-Royce Motor Cars / Somethin' ElseDirector: Tangerine Films Role: Music, Sound Design and Mix


This film was used to launch the new Roll-Royce Wraith car to a global audience at the Geneva Motor Show 5th March 2013. The Wraith is the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever built. The film was created in collaboration with Tangerine Films.

Rolls tells us their new car embodies the spirit of its founder, but with "just a hint of the noir".

As well as scoring this launch film I was also responsible for creating the content for the audio-led pre-launch interactive experience on the company website. This 'teaser' contained binaurally recorded samples of the name of the car being spoken by male and female actors around the listener.